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Westminster Council plans to replace Jubilee Sports Centre

Some of you may know about Westminster City Council's plans to close the Jubilee Sports Centre, build housing on the site and re-develop the Moberley Centre on Kilburn Lane instead. However, although Westminster claims to have ‘leafleted all homes within 2 miles of the Jubilee', very few people actually seem to be aware of the plans and most of those people who have heard are worried about them.

The Council say:

* ‘Both centres are very dated and in need of significant investment'

* ‘The cost of running both existing sports facilities, which are very close to each other (0.6 miles apart), is ..significant. In these challenging financial times and because of their extremely high combined annual subsidy of £600,000 p.a. there is unlikely to be the public funds available in future to maintain, update and refresh the two sites'

Your Queens Park Ward Councillors and I have many concerns about the plans:

· The Moberly Centre, which will be where all the new sports/leisure facilities are based, is actually in Brent, and could change the user base away from north Westminster

· It will be further away and less convenient for many Westminster residents than the Jubilee

· The Jubilee is in the centre of a very deprived community, including the Mozart estate